Halal Market Overview

1.9 billion Muslims are living around the world today making up 23.4% of the global population. If the current trends continue, Muslims will make up 26.4% of the world’s projected population of 8.3 billion in 2030. Within the last decade, halal-certified products and services have increased in demand exponentially, and continue to trend upward. According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2019/20 by Thomson Reuters, the Halal industry is worth over 2.4 trillion dollars and is expected to surpass $3 Trillion in less than 3 years.

With the rising demand of Halal products, there is a dire need for manufacturers to get their products certified and meet the Islamic criteria for consumables. 

Your Future Consumers

Muslim consumers need to know the ingredients and constituents of the items they consume and the products they use on a day-to-day basis: edibles, foods, drinks, medication, pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, skincare, and hygiene products. It is imperative for these necessities to be Halal, and follow the requirements defined by the Quran and Hadith. 

To address this demand, manufacturers need to be able to demonstrate the Halal status of their products in addition to meeting standards of safety, quality, sustainability, authenticity, and efficacy. At JIT Halal Certification Office, we offer the widest range of testing, inspection, and certification solutions for the crop science, food, health science, cosmetics and hygiene industries. It is our duty to help you make this crucial information intelligible to the Halal-conscious consumer. 

Your Way to The Future

We adapt and respond quickly to your requirement – supporting you in delivering your Halal products to the ever-growing market safely and efficiently. Our global network of experts works with the latest technologies and digital tools to keep you at par with the cutting edge of innovation. Furthermore, we can help you meet the most stringent standards by monitoring end-to-end supply chains and product development cycles while protecting your brand identity and building consumer trust and loyalty.

JIT Halal Certification Body provides services for analyzing, scrutinizing, and testing products manufactured by Japanese manufacturers so that these products satisfy the rulings of the Quran and Hadith. Our strict standards and scrutiny processes are commensurate with the international Islamic markets – the Arab Gulf region, the Middle East, and the Islamic countries in Asia. Furthermore, our Halal mark is recognized globally and considered a symbol of global Halal integrity. Becoming Halal compliant is essential if the Japanese companies wish to enter and prosper in the emerging Halal consumer-based market. 

We are accredited and recognized by

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Our Halal mark is approved in


United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia


Gulf and Middle East countries


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With these rigorous accreditations, including those from the highly regarded Japan accreditation, JIT Halal mark is your gateway to the world by exporting Halal compliant products. These are the highest level of recognitions and are highly trusted both in Japan and abroad.


What is Halal?

The term “halal” comes from Arabic and means “permitted, pure.” It is a major precept of the Islamic faith. In Quranic law, any act permitted and in accordance with Islamic rules is considered “halal.” All unlawful and forbidden acts are considered “haram.”

In Islamic jurisprudence, a distinction is made between five categories of actions:

  • Wajeb (required)
  • Mandûb (recommended)
  • Halal (permit)
  • Makrouh (not recommended)
  • Haram (forbidden)

These rules are stipulated in the Quran and Sunnah and believing Muslims abide by them. Food is no exception and is also governed by very specific commandments.

Get your Halal certification now

With these accreditations, including those from the highly regarded Japan accreditation JIT halal mark is your gateway to the world of excellence in exporting halal products, we enable our customers to export almost anywhere in the world.

Our certifications service and the halal mark

Our Halal mark and certificate meet the international standards required for exporting goods to countries like Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, all gulf and Middle East countries (GSO 993, UAE 2055-4, MS 1500, ISO 22000, MS 1500, GSO 2055, and SMIIC halal standards).

Our certification body also complies with the requirements of ISO 17065 and ISO 17021. 

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What is the benefit of halal certification for your business?

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Advantages for Your Business

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How is the certification of a company carried out?

During their checks, the auditors scrutinize the production sites and the products concerned by referring to halal checklists reflecting the specific requirements of the target market. Upon successful completion of these checks, the company obtains the JIT certificate authorizing it to affix the JIT logo on its products.

In addition, an internal JIT control of the company, with the assistance of specially trained staff members, allows this quality assurance to be documented at the premises of the company in question, thus ensuring that the imposed requirements are met.

Additional internal training provided by JIT also serves to support companies’ halal compliance in this aspect.

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