Why do you need Halal Certificate?
A Halal certificate is a guarantee that the products comply with the Islamic dietary, and according to the booming Muslims population all over the world , there is an increasing demand for Halal certified products.

So, If you are exporting or planning to export to Muslim-majority countries then the Halal certificate will allow you to meet one of the important requirements by the importing countries

What are the products that could be able to obtain Halal certification?

Category Codes
Examples of sectors
Farming 1 (Animals)
Animals: fish; egg production; milk production; bee keeping; fishing; hunting; chicken farming, cattle farming
Farming 2 (Plants)
Grains, Fruits; vegetables; cereals; spices; horticultural products
Processing 1 (Perishable animal products)
Includes all activities after farming, e.g. animal slaughtering, poultry, eggs, dairy and fish products
Processing 2
(Perishable vegetable products)
Fresh fruits’ fresh juices; preserved fruits; fresh vegetables; preserved vegetables
Processing 3
(Products with long shelf life at room temperature)
Canned products; biscuits; snacks; oil; drinking water; beverages; pasta; flour; sugar; salt; soy sauces
Feed production
Animal feed; fish feed
Catering Food Service
Hotels; restaurants
Retail outlets; shops; wholesalers
Water supply; cleaning; sewage; waste disposal; product development, process and equipment; veterinary services, Islamic financial services
Transport and storage
Transport and storage
Equipment manufacturing
Industrial equipment; vending machines
Chemical and Biochemical manufacturing
Food additives; dietary supplements; cleaning agents; processing aids, microorganisms
Packaging and wrapping material manufacturing
Packaging and wrapping material
Other materials manufacturing
Cosmetics, textile, leather products etc.

How can you get certified?

Certification process
JIT creates a dynamic process have Agility, flexible a timely turnaround, and overall attentive for our customer to make the process simple and efficient with prime quality, you need just 3 steps to be Halal Certified

First Step

Fill out and submit the Application for Halal Certification online or hard copy download the application

Second step

Meet audit's team: Receive your audit plan for the 1st stage and 2nd stage audit and meet our audit team onsite.

Third step

Receive your halal certification: use the halal mark in your product according to the halal logo rule

To seeing the Back Office work and other deep details of the certification process kindly see the flow Chart >>>> PDF file view
For advance information : Please click here for more information about the following details

How much does the certificate cost?
JIT Halal certification body is a non-profit organization that is unique in what it offers as a service to other companies with high capacities and capabilities and provides the necessary oversight for the issuance of certificates.

It is also very important to note that each company seeking halal certification is very different in levels of complexity, scope, products etc., and needs the perfect fit offer.

There are some notable factors that play major roles in pricing process such as: Number of Products/Ingredients, Number of facilities, and/or facility Size, Complexity of providing service, Risk Factor, Product destination (International, or domestic)

These factors help us determine the amount of work that is necessary to fulfil the certification requirements, that’s why any company seeking halal certification has to be transparent and should expect to disclose all relevant information in order to accurately provide an official proposal. No doubt that JIT Halal certification body sworn to maintain the privacy of their clients, and handle all shared information as proprietary.

To get a free quote for Halal certification service, click here, or You can select one from our plan

Seed plan
Seedling plan
Tree plan
Certify the line or facility as Halal
Certify the line or facility as Halal
Certify the line or facility as Halal
Certify up to 2 products
Certify up to 5 products
Unlimited products
Receive the halal mark and use in the halal’s product
Receive the halal mark and use in the halal’s product
Receive the halal mark and use in the halal’s product
Liability insurance is available
Liability insurance is available
Liability insurance is available
Published about your product in our website
Published about your product in our website
Published about your product in our website
Published about your product in our website and Facebook
Published about your product in our website and Facebook , Instagram
20 % discount in our training program
20 % discount in our training program
One Halal training program is free of charge
Need Quotation
Need Quotation
Need Quotation

Get Cert

Initial Requirements:

  1. Define your target Halal Market
  2. Define your Halal Standard
  3. Define your Halal product
  4. Define your Halal qualified team charge person for halal

Facility Requirements:

  1. Dedicate Halal production line in your facility
  2. Separate your storage into Halal and Non-Halal for all items (Raw materials, packing materials, final products, tool … etc.)
  3. Control the cross-contamination procedures for Halal and Non-Halal
  4. Meet the requirements of GMP(Good manufacturing practice) and FSMS (Food safety management system)

Documentation Requirements:

  1. Legal Business Documents
  2. Flowchart of Processing and layout of facility
  3. Raw Material specification
  4. Final Product specification
  5. Halal status sheet
  6. Halal Certificates/Disclosure Statements of raw/packing material
  7. Designs of final product label
  8. Halal system (halal manual , halal policy Traciplity procedure )
  9. More information about the specific requirements for Slaughterhouses , processed product , cosmetics …etc. please view it