Halal management system of slaughterhouse

Course Overview
This course is designed for people employed in the meat processing industry who work or will be working in the industry as Halal slaughterhouse , slaughterman , supervisors in the primary processing area, stunning operators and Halal Team The course will provide the trainee with a basic understanding of the concept of Islamic law, the process of Halal slaughtering and Halal certification, Animal welfare requirements in the Halal slaughtering process, Animal welfare and Islamic law. Those trainees who wish to work as competent Halal slaughter person, will be required attend this course. These also form part of the regulatory requirements for Halal quality assurance officers.

Training Outline:

Important Definition &Fundamental
Introduction of Islam, Basic information about Muslims, muslim countries and marketing
Structure of the halal standards UAE and Gulf countries , GSO 2055-1, GSO 993 “Animal Slaughtering Requirements
According to Islamic Rules.
Shariah law and Animal Welfare Act
Stunning rule Regarding to Halal Standard .
Registration procedure of the slaughterhouse in the UAE .
Halal certification Process from A to Z .

Who is should attend

people who work in the meat processing industry.
slaughter persons, supervisors in the primary processing area.
stunning operators
QMS, FSMS, Halal Team.
Halal Representative .

Training duration
Training Materials
🕑 12 Hrs. , 2 days
🕮 Trainee book, Note, Pin, PowerPoint presentation, video

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