Export  Halal wagyu to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA )

Now you can export  Halal wagyu to  KSA  

Everyone of the World loves the sweet umami taste  of Japanese beef Wagyu,  Wagyu beef is known for its rich flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture, and it’s largely thanks to the higher level of marbling in Wagyu cattle than in other breeds—it’s in their genes, wagyu  beef one of the premium quality beef, it growing in rich environments, and handling with high strict food safety rules, now in Japan the only one slaughterhouse called  Sanda shokuniku center slaughterhouse able to slaughtering and produce the halal Japanese beef meet the requirements of kingdom of Saudi Arabia because it is registered in Saudi food and drug authority for Exporting Halal beef which certified by Japan Islamic Trust

Now people in Saudi Arabia will be able to enjoy delicious Wagyu steak and other Japanese beef cousins.