3 steps to obtain the JIt’s halal certificate, and access to halal markets in all most world


  • With JIT Halal Mark you can exporting your Halal products to almost all the World
    How can you get certified?                                                                                                                                                                
    1- Certification process
    JIT creates a dynamic process have Agility, flexible a timely turnaround, and
    overall attentive for our customer to make the process simple and efficient with
    prime quality, you need just 3 steps to be Halal Certified
    First Step: Fill out and submit the Application for Halal Certification online or hard copy download the application


  • 2- Second step : Meet audits team: Receive your audit plan for the 1 st stage and 2 ndstage audit and meet our audit team onsite.
  • 3- Third step: Receive your halal certification: use the halal mark in your products.