JIT Halal Center Now Accredited By Kingdom of saudi Arabia

Flag of Saudi Arabia
You can exporting Your Meat Products NOW To KSA
JIT is the first Japanese Certification body to be accredited in the Halal Certification sector over the middle East and Gulf countries since 2008, we have a wealthy history filled with milestones and fruitful customer relations full of confidence.
Our pleasure to announce JIT Halal certification body is now the first HCB accredited and registered in government in Saudi Arabia by The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Where it was registered in the last quarter of 2021 as an approved halal authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has the ability to grant halal marks to Japanese wagyu meat exported from the State of Japan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the halal slaughter certificate and shipping certificates.
To encourage the increase in Japanese food exports, JITis HCB has obtained a wide scope of accreditation, thus it has the ability to grant halal certificates, shipping and grant the halal mark for many products such as fresh and frozen meat, processed meat, dairy products, animal fats, leather, drinks and juices, health and cosmetic products.. …etc.
NOW The trademarked JIT Halal certification body logos have become a marketing advantage for the products marketed to the Muslim Communities in Japan, the Muslim world, especially in the Gulf area and Muslim majority countries.
JIT halal mark is your gateway to the world of excellence in exporting halal products, we enable our customers to export almost anywhere in the world
We do not only grant certificates, but we transmit Islamic culture and break down the barriers between Japanese society and the Muslim world community.